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thank you John

Thank you for your message and apologies for the late response. This web page is now resigned to Canna's historic archive. You ask a good question and would recommend you ask the NTS directly. If you are a member of that charity even better as you are perfectly entitled to understand how its properties are managed and how it's revenues are spent.

For a version of historical fact on how one branch of a family came to dominate Canna please refer to the book by Perman, " the man who gave away his Island." Many former residents cite divisive tactics deployed to turn one against the other forcing departures amid allegations of blame which are usually laid at the feet of the NTS management. Others have raised concerns relating to an incumbent " Mafia." Many questions remain un-answered though and it's not for this website to answer them.

Unfortunately, the history of human occupation on Canna is on a long and rocky road with many deep potholes. No matter the good intentions of some who have tried, unless there is real change there won't be much improvement to that road which lies ahead.
Posted by administrator on 03 September 2017
Who actually owns Canna
Just returned from a recent visit to this Island and left with a confused mind. Looking for answers and hope someone at this web page can shed some light. Who actually owns Canna. The NTS or the local MacKinnon family. New houses have appeared on the Island but there not for new residents, no, so why is this allowed by the NT or are they just a front for an underlying empire. Wonder what Campbell would have made of Canna today and his gift to the NT.
Posted by John Abercrombie on 16 July 2017
1970's wedding
I was lucky to have visited Canna as a child back in the 1970's with my parents on a day trip from Mallaig, whilst we were on holiday in Morar. Arriving on the island my parents hadn't realised there would be no shops or anywhere to get some food when we got there. My mother knocked on a door to see if it was possible to have a drink of water for us children. By luck the door she knocked on was having a wedding the next day and the women kindly invited us in and gave us all food and drinks to refresh us and wouldn't hear of taking a penny for it. She told us that the wedding the next day I think her son or daughters, was to be the first in many many years on the island and I believe it was even reported on the tv about it. I wondered if anyone can remember the wedding and who the family were. I'll always remember the kindness shown toward us.
Posted by Christine Ramsay on 16 April 2017
Looking for Niell
I wonder if you can help , I am trying to locate or find out the whereabouts of Nialll who used to run a restaurant in Gosport in Hampshire UK called Korkers He was a great chef and I worked for him for years . Lovey fellow ! Im sure he said he was from the Isle of Canna or related t the Earl of Canna
Does this ring any bells for anyone .
Posted by jess Evans on 09 April 2017
Thank you
This is wonderful and fascinating information. I was hoping to find a connection to my ancestor, Daniel McNeil born 1793 in Currie, Midlothian. His parents were Dan McNeil and Christian MacKenzie and I have been unsuccessful in discovering their origins. Family lore says they were from Barra, but DNA tests do not agree with that. So, I am reading all I can find to continue investigating. It seems to me that McNeils in the Edinburgh area must have come from somewhere else. Again I thank you very much for all of the research you have done and for sharing it. I, however, sadly do not find a connection to Canna. Please wish me luck.
Posted by Cynthia McNeil on 14 November 2016
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